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Some are just straight down the road (like eyelash gel or mascara), while others are far-away in the future (like eyelash pencils or eyelash curlers). This is an attempt to provide a comprehensive review of various eye makeup products.

Leyline Eyelash Color Products

I do a lot of blog posts like this, so I thought I'd include some products I've used that may be useful for you if you don't already have eyelash extensions on your lashes. I'm trying to find eyelash extensions that I haven't already tried myself. I'll update this section often to keep this section useful for new readers!

Leyline lashes are the type of lashes that make you look more feminine. They're made of short, thin lashes that curl in a beautiful way, and they look fantastic on pretty much everyone. When you look at an everyday woman, you see a nice rounded shape and the hair isn't too thick or wiry. So you see lots of little lashes that look great! (I even saw someone who had a big, full lash!)

Here's a list of my favorite lash products. It may change frequently and I may also be mixing in other products here. It's all on my to-do list for my next post.

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Idol Lash

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