Let’s give the example of a commercial preparation “Supradyn Energy Extra” compared to a 2000 Kcal diet. A diet of 2000 Calories could be something like that:

Breakfast: a glass of skimmed milk, 2 toasts of bread with olive oil, salt and tomato. Half a handful of natural almonds and a kiwi.
Brunch: A skimmed yogurt and a banana
Lunch: A salad with tomato, lettuce and carrot (olive oil and salt dressing). A dish of vegetable stew with cuttlefish and rice. An apple
Snack: Skimmed yogurt with a handful of oat flakes
Dinner: Cream of zucchini with onion and olive oil. A French omelette.

If we compare the vitamins and minerals provided by this healthy diet of 2000Kcal with what gives us 1 tablet.

In other words, this diet would cover 100% of the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals specified by the manufacturer of the supplement, in fact it would exceed all the amounts of minerals provided by the tablet. IF THE SPORT DIET COVERES YOUR ENERGY AND NUTRIENTS NEEDS by means of a sufficient and healthy diet IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO TAKE ANY KIND OF SUPPLEMENT.

It should also be borne in mind that this diet of 2000 calories can remain very scarce in energy for certain people, which with a higher food intake (3550 – 4500 Calories depending on the sport discipline, intensity, duration of training etc..) not only would take more calories but we would also take much more vitamins and minerals naturally provided by food in the amounts that our body needs.

In short:

Taking supplements without control and without knowing the necessary daily amounts of vitamins and minerals provided by our normal diet does not make any sense.

If the athlete’s energy needs are met within a complete and sufficient diet, the need for vitamins and minerals will be met.

In certain circumstances such as those described at the beginning of the post it would be justified to take supplements.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies must be diagnosed by a qualified health professional. Dietary modifications should be guided by a registered dietitian.

A healthy diet (no matter what, vegetarian, Mediterranean diet etc… but that improves or maintains health -> scientific evidence) and enough will help you get the vitamins and minerals you need naturally provided by foods such as fruits and vegetables. Vegetarian diets -> vitamin B12 supplement.

In its case, the taking of supplements has to be individualized according to the characteristics and needs of each athlete.

It is not very difficult to achieve a healthy diet that covers all your vitamin and mineral needs. Taking supplements will enhance and help your body, and they are complementary to your regular diet.