If you’ve been looking at tricks and tips on how to get long, shiny and strong hair, today we share with you our best tips for achieving a mane of envy, such as vitamins.

Like our bodies, our hair and skin are damaged by different factors. Some can be reduced and others remedied but when you don’t know exactly where to start, you may make the mistake of buying a shampoo or chemicals that won’t do you much good.

The truth is that very few people know that what most influences the quality and health of our hair and skin is: diet. Do you think not? Then don’t miss the following points.

Why does diet matter?

Our scalp is basically nourished by protein, but also by vitamins and minerals in order to grow stronger. These nutrients you get through the food we eat every day so if we have a lack of them, most likely it will grow brittle and weakened. Something that no shampoo can solve.

Also, if this happens to us, it’s probably happening to our skin and nails as well. The reason is very obvious. Our body is intelligent and knows how to prioritize our nutrients inside our organism. If you feel that our muscles need protein or if our bones need minerals, the first thing you will do is send them to these places instead of our hair and skin.

What can you take to improve their appearance?

If you are one of those who thinks your hair is hopeless, don’t despair, because some foods and supplements can help you regain your vitality.

Hair Vitamins

Foods rich in vitamins such as fruits, vegetables and foods rich in healthy fats such as nuts and salmon are undoubtedly foods that you must include in your diet if you want to start improving your mane and skin.

But in addition to them, start increasing your water dose if you think you are not drinking enough. A hydrated body not only works better but also helps to eliminate all the toxins found in our body that damage the general appearance of our body.

Skin Vitamins

In stores you’ll find long aisles with an endless variety of supplements that promise to restore the shine and healthy look of your nails, skin and hair. But don’t be fooled by some brands. The vast majority say they contain a secret ingredient unique in the world, when in fact they contain the same as many others.

So what’s the secret of these supplements? We’ll give it to you. We actually reveal to you the 10 secrets or ingredients for the magic formula.

Vitamin A, C, D and E

Vitamin A. It is essential for the growth and development of the cells that make up your hair, as well as for the immune system. When we talk about a healthy mane we are talking about the production of natural oils (sebum) in our scalp because it is what prevents it from drying out.

Beta carotene is the best-known form of vitamin A and is found in dark orange fruits such as carrots, melons and peaches, but also in sweet potatoes and green leafy vegetables.

A lack of this vitamin not only means risking the health of our hair, nails and skin but also of the eyes because it plays a very important role for our eyes.

As for the other vitamins that we list, the: C, D and E are also a very important part of your diet. Vitamin E plays an antioxidant role as it protects your hair from free radicals and generates new tissue.